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Being an independent consultant is not easy, but super rewarding.  It takes a special something to do what we do, and few understand...until now...   
This is a private community made up independent consultants like you.  

This is your tribe! 

Join the private community made up exclusively of independent consultants.  (read more below or click HERE to get started)

Elevating Independent Consultants Globally

Our mission is simple really: to be a resource for independent consultants globally, regardless of industry or specialty.  This community was conceived by a handful of independent consultants, as a way for all of us (collectively) to help each other.   Being an independent consultant can be the most rewarding experience and often a capstone to an amazing career, but it does take a village (a network really).  Our idea is simple and stress-free... to be that village.  Connected Consultants is the place that all independent consultants can call HOME.   

As professionals, we live in a world that is highly fragmented, very diverse, and with many different ways to operate.   While each of us is responsible for the caring for the needs of our clients, and running the day-to-day of our own businesses, it is tough to build our networks and also stay up to speed on all the latest thought leadership, training, and opportunities.

Information is POWER.   Connected Consultants was created to help create a foundational cornerstone for you.  A resource that will keep you in the know, and help you open up a world of opportunity.   Together we can all elevate the independent consultant profession together.   

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Community & Networking

We use Slack to create a dynamic community.  Meet other independent consultants both in your profession and in other tangental industries. This is your opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.    We are all trying to make a living in a similar manner so it is great to congregate with those who understand our world. 

News & Thought Leadership

Learn from fellow professionals as we all share news, updates, blogs, podcasts, resources, and other thought leadership within the community.  We are eventually planning a weekly newsletter as a digest for those who do not visit the community during the week. 

Events & Meetups 

Members will share events happening that you may want to be aware of: conferences (in-person and virtual), webinars, group meetings, and meetups. We hope Connected Consultants will become the go-to-place for all the latest happenings

Training & Education

Members will have an opportunity to share training, certification and educational opportunities with each other. Stay up to speed on the latest techniques and knowledge. Keep your skill levels in tip-top form.


This section of the community will allow consultants who know of particular opportunities to share with fellow members. You never know where your next gig or client will come from.

Professional Resources

This community will put infomation at your fingertips, as members share vendors, tools, tips & tricks with each other.  "Growth Hacking" is a term that has become all-the-rage.  Let Connected Consultants become YOUR Growth Hacking tool.   

A free resource for all.

Our membership is free to all independent consultants.  We want this to be an inclusive community that provides a valuable resource base for all who participate.


Questions and Answers

Connected Consultants was founded in 2020 with a mission of providing one definitive community & resource for independent consulting professionals around the world.  2020 has proved to be a challenging time for everyone regardless of industry.  With tough economic times there has been an unprecedented growth of the independent consultants for a wide variety of reasons.  But in these trying times there are also major opportunities for independent consultants as corporations are hiring consultants & contractors instead of fulltime employees.   The gig economy has truly hit the professional ranks.   Our mission with this community is to help provide a valuable resource to help you build and grow your business.   


We're glad you asked!   There are several ways for you to get involved with Connected Consultants:

The first and most important thing to do is to JOIN.   Membership is free and you get access to a complete community dedicated to advancing your consultancy, personal development and career.

The second thing you can do is to SHARE. Make sure that other independent consultants know about Connected Consultants so they can sign up as well.  We ultimately want every independent consulting professional around the globe to benefit from Connected Consultants.

The third thing you can do is CONTRIBUTE.  Submit information, opportunities, and resources that you think will help others.   Feel free to share your own original blogs, podcasts, videos or other content with the community, or submit links from the work of others that you feel should be shared. By sharing we can all benefit from the proliferation of ideas and information as a global community.


The simple answer is to be involved regularly.   As membership grows there will be a torrent of daily updates, news, thought leadership, blogs, podcasts, videos, other resources, and events into the community.   As a member, you can see the latest updates as they happen. 

We do hope to start a weekly newsletter of important information.   Once available we will contact you to allow you to opt in. The newsletter will not be a fluff piece.  We plan to highlight important information worth sharing that was aggregated throughout the week.  If you do not have time to log-in to the community regularly, then the weekly newsletter will be a good digest for you.


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